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“The longest journey is the journey inwards.” – Dag Hammerskjold

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Tim MacGeorge, LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Tim MacGeorge, MDiv, LCSW

Tim MacGeorge is a psychotherapist (licensed clinical social worker, LCSW) in Southwest Florida.  His entire adult life has been devoted to helping others. Tim has a background in church ministry, and has worked with national non-profit organizations serving the needs of those with mental illness and other mental health conditions.

As a clinician providing direct services to individuals and groups, he has helped thousands of clients on their life journeys. In particular, he has worked with individuals facing a wide range of mental health or substance use challenges, as well as groups (including those in the criminal justice system) struggling with addiction. Tim is available to provide therapy online via teletherapy — help for wherever you are on your journey through life!

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Tim provides therapy online (no physical office) primarily for adults. Services are provided online via "teletherapy." Teletherapy is secure, confidential, and allows you to engage in therapy from the privacy and comfort of your own space. Tim has helped thousands of clients on their journeys, struggling with depression, anxiety, stages of life transitions, substance use and addiction, coming out, and more.


Supervision for RCSWI

As a Qualified Supervisor, Tim is able to provide clinical supervision for Florida Registered Clinical Social Work Interns (RCSWI). Please contact Tim for more information if you would like to work together as you continue your professional journey towards licensure as a clinical social worker.

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